Right here is the place to go.

Maybe you are at this site out of gratuity, maybe you are just plain curious, or maybe Hicks is standing right next to you after telling you "Hey, check out my site," so's now you gotta look at somethin', right? Well check out the portfolio.

Its got the full range of good stuff, and well, stuff that has no other place to go or category it can fit in, but it's here and you'll like it. And if Hicks is standing right next to you I know you're really going to like (he's a big guy after all).


Fan Art

Nope, this section has nothing to do with boxy oscillating electronic devices or little fluted paper wedges.

In this collection you will find pieces that were done as a request, some that were drawn as a demonstration for accuracy and some done simply out of love for the characters and as tribute to the creators and artists who feed the spirit of imagination.


Signature Series

This is a great segment here.

These are all the famous actors who requested that Hicks do their portraits and....wait.. nope.... sorry, got that wrong.

These are some of Hicks' favorite actors whose he's had the chance to get their signatures as part of his private collection.