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spidey plays

Spidey Plays

'Cause that's what Hicks would do if he were the web-slinger,... play with his toy X-wing while swinging rapdily througn the sky.

Spidey plays (inks)

Nope, this ain't just a black and white version of the colored, its the inks. this makes for a good comparaitive study, escpecially for those who aren't familiar with the order that the process takes, inks clean and refine the orginal drawing and the coloring illuminates the content.

spidey plays inks
wonder woman small

Wonder Woman

It's the DC Heroine done up in Texas Style, complete with lasso, lone star and riding a bucking Bronco.....(Bronco not shown)

Colossus and Kitty

And don't forget Lockheed too! He's ShadowCat's pet dragon and is always with her in the comic books, though those who have only seen the movies will know nothing of this beloved character. Then again, how surprising is that, after all, the movies (other than stealing the characters names and likeness) have almost nothing to do with the comic book,.... am I right or am I right?

collossus small

Rorshach's test of tenderness

Or the 'which came first' test, like, was the pattern of his mask a moth before or after the moth landed on his hand....see, yeah, .....think about.

Morpheus and Companions

So, you should know that is a raven perched on Morpheus' shoulder, it...uh, it's not that he's got two heads. Hey, its an easy mistake to make.


The Little Mage

Even if you've never played the epic fantasy RPG that this drawing is based on, the picture still manages to evoke a sense of a story's impending emergence.

Power and Armor

For you hard core fans of this game series, its time to geek out a little and tell me what pieces of armor this suit is made from.

t45 power armor
darkbrother argonian


For extra points....tell me whose head he's got.

Ghost in the Eye (pencils)

Another process study pic. In this case you get to see the original pencil drawing compared to the fully colored.

ghost in shell pencils
ghost in the shell colored

Ghost in the Eye (colored)

Though the colored version gives the picture greater definition and clarity, its not uncommon for true comic fans to prefer the pencil drawing.