sun dial

Afternoon December Moon

A Collection of Untitled Poems


We are refined

when we belong to nude.

We are inclined

to belong together

to dance like droplets

to covet each other

and blanket earth

radiant like morning dew.

We are care

and are better that way.

We are bare

under velvet heaven lay

to find the embrace

to prowl like kittens

to dress in satin lace

and blanket each other

so glad of something new.

Sometimes it rains so hard
You fear it’s going to flood
And wash everything away.
And sometimes it rains so hard, I wish it would.

I continue to travel
In an unknown destination
Merely able to pick my own direction
And on the journey so far
I fight when I can
But run when there’s too many a man.

They’re all intent to best you,
I find it difficult to reason
Of why I should continue
When everybody only wants me to bleed,
But when I see you beside me
I realized, you’re all the reason
I’ll ever need.

A cordial dedication to the eye.

There’s a New Myth to be told
All should beg to hear the tale.
It is not every day
That we have the birth
Of a New Faith.

No surmise for fear of a
Turbulent Revelation
We only love
And explore all mystery
With only ecstasy and certainty.

The god;
A greater being to the homage
Of Aphrodite.

A favorite of my remembrance.

There’s that smile
That etches its way
Across my face
When it appears
You always ask me why it’s there.

It’s just a reaction
That I do
Instead of saying,
“I love you.”

I was glad to come home today
And I remember waking up and not wanting to leave
Believing right here is where I should stay.

                I remember wanting to give
As well as wanting to keep.

                I remember wanting to share
As well as wanting to take

                I remember wanting to sleep
As well as wanting to wake.

I remember loving today.
I love remembering the morning flame
And I love knowing
With more certainty
Each passing moment
That I shall remember tomorrow
And I shall feel the same.

Always Ari’s fire
Melted stone
And flooded shores
By scalding frozen caps.

Always Ari’s fire
Cindered leaves
And charred forests
Those haunted and unclaimed.

Always Ari’s fire
Seared flesh
And enflamed passion
A commitment to be claimed.

Always Ari’s fire
Is mine
With no deceiving snare
And never,
Never shall I share.

Do you know what it is that I really care for?
And do you know what it is about her
That I really adore?

When the stars have gathered
All about
(an audience, the Performers
Or even past life mourners).

And her face is illuminated by a
Soft silver stream
I’m a fool to believe it’s a reflected glow
By some false source
Or some false dream,
Till she opens her eyes
And I see the shine
From their-in.

And I would tell you more,
But you see,
We are about to make love,
The End