sun dial


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drunken pans

The Muses

Inspired by some sculptures at the Renaissance Fair, this drawing of two inebriated pans was the cover design for a sketch book. And boy don't you wish you had a copy of this sketchbook, only 100 prints made, it was pure collectible candy.

The Orc Chieftain

Nope, not a self portrait, it really is an orc.

orc chieftain
the gladiator

The Gladiator

Apparently Hicks is a huge history buff, And not just a "i watch history channel so i know history" wannabe, but he actually reads books on the topic...And you, what, you even go to museums....(what a nutter).

Toltec Warrior

That's not the Egyptian pyramid behind him, its based on the Pyramid of the Sun located in Teotihuacan.

toltec warrior
the witch

The Witch

Or...the hag, or wench, or she troll, all those are good.

Grim and Grace

so get this, the reason why the angel has her back to us and the skull is face forward is that if it was the other way around it would just look like the angel had a big ol' prego belly. That would be pretty funny though wouldn't it,, it wouldn't? Oh, I guess it would be sacrilege or something.

grim and grace
lizard cavalry


Cavalry Commander

Swift, agile and strong the disadvantages for this steed are primarily related to the parade ground: occasionaly stops to warm its belly on the hot cobble stone streets, long tongue takes the food right out of the hands of the audience, its poop is the size of sofa, and if it pees, you best hope you're not standing down hill!

Lavish Tale

Its really a drawing for 'A Lavish Tale', which also means that it appears in the story. Which means....that you should probably go read the story....or else how you gonna know? Here I'll even make it easy for you, click the pic and you'll go right to it.

petal the fairy


She once had been a central character in another story that has since gotten buried somewhere, so now she simply gets a small mention in 'A Lavish Tale.'

Wedding Day

A beautifully morbid day....the picture, know, not the actual event...See, she's dead, and that's a heart in her hand, so...yeah.

the marriage
no escape

The Caged

This drawing has layers. There is the dove imprisoned in a physical cage, then there's the dwarf and the shadowy inquisitor in the back that represents that the dwarf is imprisoned in a mental cage and....what...really...ah, alright then. Hicks says it doesn't mean that at all.

Pocket Dragon's Treasure

It's not that that is a giant key in front of a big dragon,....the key is normal and the dragon is really small....ah,... how delightful then.

pocket dragon


A drawing taken from a sculpture of the Pharaoh, the hawk behind him represents power and authority through the Pharaoh's connection to Horus. It doesn't mean, I repeat, it does not mean they used to let birds hump their heads.

Screech Owl

Neat bird neat drawing.

If you wanted me to make fun of this drawing then you are a jerk.


screech owl
little rabbit

The Rabbit

Or Totchli as Hicks like to call it.....what the hell is a Totchli? Oh it's referenced in your comic book (I think he wants me to plug his comic here) I see.....Yeah, that's a cooool name for a comic book alright.

Collard Lizard

Apparently drawn on a cotton fabric paper, thick but delicate making it almost impossible to erase on.....well, that explains some things don't it.

poison dart frog

Poison Dart Frog

These little guys are so darn cute...don't you just want to lick'em.