Issue1: El Tirano

Death has swept through a small village
and the mystery of this massacre is about
to lead a wandering shaman into a magical
battle with other-worldly devils.




Issue 2: Reina de la Arana

The year is 1938 and Professor Martin is eager to return to the archaeological discovery of the
century, the lost city of Teotihuacan. Unfortunately for Professor Martin an encounter with a mysterious old man is going to result in a disturbing and unforgettable trip to the distant past.



Issue 3: El Tropheo

Kukula was a great warrior of his people who slew beasts, fought men, and waged war against the gods. But what can one expect to win over those who possess the power of eternal life.



Issue 4: El Nagual

The gods of Teotihuacan have discovered something they never thought they would find, the fear of vulnerablity, and they have the shaman to thank for that. The gods have been on a tear stripping from man all the freeedoms that had once granted.



Issue 5: Xibalba

The dream of the gods is over, for the Place of Fright is not a nightmare they can wake from.