sun dial Raze the Gods. A historically based sci-fi/fantasy 5 issue mini-series that depicts the rebellious origins of the Maya Mythology through the exploits of its three integral figures.

Now, I know what you're thinking, you're wondering if this tale is historically accurate, if it is galvanized by proven and confirmed truths thoroughly researched and vetted, and I have this assertion to depends. Yep,it depends explicitly on how much you think you know. See if you know next to nothing then I assure you this is all true! All of it, including the shaman who turns himself into a jaguar, the creepy 'god' that gets cursed and then killed by his own kind, the Feathered Serpent Kukulkan and his legendary defeat...and of course Xibalba, the Place of Fright....ooh, you know that place is real!

Fascinated yet? Well, you should be.

Below find sample pages from all 5 issues of this completed series. Just click the underlined word and whoosh, you'll be off to seeing (and maybe reading if your into that sort of thing) a small set of consecutive pages, and remember: left click or tap the underlined word, clicking the other words wont do you any good.

Issue 1 sampler

Tirano de los Toltecas, Pages 1 - 12

The grim setting of this first issue is a calamity and a mystery for an old shaman who happens to wander into a village full of dead inhabitants. when he discovers that the culprits still loiter in the temple it becomes a battle of magic between this powerful shaman and the Gods of the Sky.

jaguar lord

Issue 2 sampler

Reina de La Arana, Pages 5 - 9

It is 1938 and professor Martin is eager to return to the archaeological discovery of the century, the lost city of Teotihuacan. Unfortunately, Martin's encounter with a mysterious old man is going to result in an unforgettable and fantastical trip to the distant past.


issue 2 cover black and white

Issue 3 sampler

El Tropheo, Pages 1, 7-10

Kukula was a great warrior of his people, he slew beasts, fought men and with the miraculous blessing of the Outcast shaman, will find himself blessed with power enough to wage war against the gods!

feathered serpent

Issue 4 sampler

El Nagual, Pages 1 - 5

Part one of two, a shaman of unusual power seeks to reclaim his enslaved tribe and finds himself agreeing to participate in a plot with the infamous Outcast shaman to potentially rid earth of the Gods of the Sky.

El Nagual cover bw

Issue 5 sampler

Xibalba, Pages 18 - 22

in the series finally the Nagual has allowed himself to be captive and become a conduit between himself and the Outcast Shaman in order to magically grab the dreaming body of the notorious god known as Goldhand and drag him into the dreadful depths of Xibalba, the Place of Fright.

issue 5 cover BW


Because some of us like our steaks cooked rare. In here you will find the bare boned originals, some concept art, sketches and pencils of some of the pages.