Short Stories

A lavish Tale

“She only sleeps.  I am always awake.  When I embrace her it suffers me for I find in her only dreams.  And the absence of her affection is the famine of my drought.”


Lavish Dn'Moore is a knight on quest to rescue the damsel.  She is a woman, this he is certain of, even though he has never seen her or heard her voice, yet she is at his side everyday all day. He is not so certain what must be done to free her. In the depths and the shallows of sleep, she has filled his dreams with visions of where she dwells; a tropical land of many islands and many dangers….

He goes there now.

What seems conventional is not….what seems like plain speech is slight of hand….and what happens at the end, is not what you are expecting.


In the Back

She snarled at him and he took several steps back, not from fright, but from the force of some invisible hand. “Hurry on in, fool.” She croaked.  “Your master awaits.”



Killing people was supposed to be Wret Aigner’s path to a good life and easy coin. 

He had enough contempt and derision for life to be willing to measure blood for gold. 

Problem is, some people don’t die easy and a second chance to redeem himself, to shed the stink of failure and avoid execution, is going to pit him against an extraordinary thief with a penchant for survival. It is a duel that will upend his future and give him….a new perspective on his past.