Meet Wret, a favored son among the rogues and criminals who quite conceitedly refer to themselves, in hushed whispers, as Midnight’s Pryde. Our Bloke’s steps are silent as slippers on a spider; his blade separates flesh as clean as fire and all that gleans him a rank among the privileged killers named Silent Slicers . . . Or he was, right up until now; at his first opportunity to cut down a lordling with a name worth the effort, the kind of kill to set him on a path of notoriety with pouches full of coin, well, he’s just spilt the kettle. He’s buggered it and made a mess of it. This is a ‘succeed or die’ kind of thing and Wret has failed and lived. But the living, that's only temporary, as he’s now embarrassed the Pryde and as such, his life isn’t worth two grunts for a shat.

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A Lavish Tale

A lavish Tale cover A Lavish Tale, Illustrated short story, 48 pages -$13

A Lavish Tale, a stand alone fully illustrated story-book. Fantasy adventure / Gothic fantas

Sir Lavish Dn’Moore is embarking on a quest that he believes is the desire of his sword. The powerful blade has been responsible for much of his success over the years and during that time, Lavish has discovered that bound to the weapon is a Presence that he feels might be a woman’s soul. He ventures forth to face unknown terrors in dangerous and unfamiliar places whereby he seeks to uncover all the curious secrets of the sword. Lavish braves it all by keeping a special ‘hope’ in his heart.

lavish tale wonderhorn lavish tale Lavish in the saddle lavish tale wyvern


Vermilion Root would like to give Auditory Entertainments a sincere thank you for performing an Audio-story of A Lavish Tale. To listen to the free 2-part recording of A Lavish Tale you can visit Auditory Entertainments podcast or click the link below.



The Comic Books


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Out of the vibrant and dangerous rainforests of Meso-America, shaman who once spent their lives aiding their tribe, now risk them in a magical battle against an ancient and vile race of gods.

It is a time when men live in sufferance to these gods, who are not deities eager for worship, but beings to be feared.

A five issue mini-series.

tyrant cover Raze The Gods, Issue #1 - $10.00

Raze the Gods, Issue #1, El Tirano, 21 pages

Death has swept through a small village and the mystery of this massacre is about to lead a wandering shaman into a magical battle with other worldly devils.

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issue 2 coverRaze the gods issue #2, 28 pages - $10.00

Raze the Gods, issue #2, Reina De Aranas

The year is 1941 and Professor Martin is eager to return to the archaelogical discovery of the century, the lost city of Teotihuacan. Unfortunately, for the professor, an encounter witha mysterious old man isgoing to result in a disturbing and unforgettable trip to the distant past.

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El tropheo cover Raze The Gods, Issue #3, 28 pages - $10.00

Raze The Gods, Issue #3, El Tropheo

There is a place in Paradise, an honored place, but it is only for the worthy. To meet the gods, to have a full city as your audience and to be taken directly to heaven, it is the desire of all men. After having witnessed just such a miracle, it has become one young man's complete objective in life.

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nagual cover Raze The Gods Issue #4, 21 pages - $10.00

Raze the Gods, Issue #4, El Nagual

The gods of Teotihuacan have experienced a terror never before known to them. Their vulnerability to shamanic magic has been witnessed by the whole population of the city. Necessity demands that the shaman be eradicated

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xibalba cover Raze The Gods, Issue #5, 28 pages, $10.00

Raze The Gods, Issue #5, Xibalba

It is the place of Fright, a realm of terror, a shoal of victims memories and tyrants' desires. It is a jungle teeming with predators. It is a remedy, to cure the earth of the blight mankind calls, The Gods of Teotihuacan.

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Raze the gods complete banner Raze The Gods, 5 issue mini-series, $42.00

Save money and purchase all five issues of the mini-series.