Signature Series

batman Adam West as "Batman"

worf Michael Dorn as "Worf"

Thranduil Lee Pace as "Thranduil"

dixon Norman Reedus as "Daryl Dixon"

Poe John Cusack as "Poe"

frank black Lance Hendriksen as "Frank Black"

jeremy davies Jeremy Davies as "Peter."


Azog the defiler Manu Bennet as Azog the Defiler


futurama Billy West characters Billy West, Futurama


Strong FO4 Sean Shimmel as "Strong" Fallout 4

Tabitha, FO New Vegas Fred Tatasciore as "Tabitha" FallOut New Vegas,


Samwise and Frodo Sean Astin and Elija Wood as "Samwise" and "Frodo"


Treebeard, Merri and Pippin Merri and Pippin, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd